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"THINK GREEN" The Cause of Metod

What does "THINK GREEN" mean?

  • In our opinion, in Method to "THINK GREEN" means

"Let each generation leave our planet in a better condition than before."

We at Method can help anyone to "THINK GREEN" in 3 main ways:

Direction 1

Energy from inexhaustible and renewable sources

Direction 2

Reduce energy consumption

Direction 3

Reduction of harmful emissions into the environment

How we will help you:

Direction 1

To do this, we at Method first must be aware of the two concepts of "Direction 1" - inexhaustible and renewable energy sources.
The names of the two concepts themselves show their meaning, so it is more important to tell you what these sources are:
INEXHAUSTIBLE sources of energy on our planet are:

Solar energy
Earth's heat and magnetism
Ocean tides
The wind
RENEWABLE (renewable within 1 - 2 generations) energy sources are:

Biomass - generally speaking, all living organisms
I think you can already guess how we help you with this
direction: products using BIOMASS or the SUN.

Direction 2

What it means to "reduce energy consumption" is also clear, but
for this to happen, the efficiency of the system must be improved:

Reduction of energy conversion losses
(in our subject - isolation)
Maximum efficient energy conversion process
(light in electricity, biomass in heat, electricity in heat, you generally understand the meaning)
Reduction of energy transmission losses (again insulation)
We will help you in this direction:
The air conditioners we offer convert heat energy from the environment as efficiently as possible. Pellet plants are also much more efficient than conventional biomass combustion solutions. Of course, in addition to the above, you can help yourself by improving the insulation of your building or room.

Direction 3

We at Method understand that reducing harmful emissions does not just mean emitting less exhaust gases into the atmosphere, but is a much more complex process. For example:

Have you noticed that the winter in the city is warmer than in the field. This is due to the heat emissions emitted by the heated buildings.
Another example is the Emissions of polluted water, which, to be honest, poisons EVERYTHING LIVING.
So we can go on indefinitely, but I think we've given you enough ideas.
How will we help you here?
The air conditioners we offer you to buy are with CFCs, which pollute less. They are more efficient - they draw less energy compared to older air conditioners, and heat / cool equally.
Pellet equipment also pollutes less - no soot and black smoke, burns less fuel and heats even more.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time for our Cause.

"Let each generation leave our planet in a better condition than the previous one!"

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