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Privacy Policy of Metod


Personal Data Protection Policy According to Certificate № 404 147 issued on 25.06.2014 by the Commission for Personal Data Protection, SUPERLAB Ltd. is the administrator of personal data entered in the “Register of personal data and registers kept by them” with identification „404 147. Personal data received for processing by users of the site are stored on servers that are located in the Data center in a protected environment. According to the law of protection of personal data, the user has the right of access to their personal data which are introduced and made available to the SUPERLAB Ltd. and repair of these Personal Data. Users expressly agree their delivered personal data by them to be processed by SUPERLAB Ltd. electronically for delivery of ordered goods or services and also if necessary for assistance from an employee of the company.

1. Your METOD account recommends that you keep the confidentiality of the username and password with which you log in / use the SITE in order to avoid unauthorized access through your user account. Thus, each time you access / use the SITE through the account (username and password), it is assumed that you take responsibility for all actions that will be performed when using this account. By entering / using the SITE, the USERS and the CLIENTS agree to take all necessary measures that the security of the password will not be disclosed by third parties. If you have any doubts about unauthorized use / abuse of your account, we encourage you to notify us immediately. Upon registration, the information provided must be correct and complete. Please note that you are responsible, including criminal liability, for any statements / records / false data provided. METOD reserves the right to deny any USER access to the SITE, to close an account or to cancel ORDERS, including confirmed orders. Also, access to the SITE may be temporarily suspended or restricted in order to maintain the site or introduce new activities or services. METOD will make every effort to provide access to the SITE without interruption in electronic transmission and without errors. However, due to the nature of the Internet, uninterrupted access and the absence of errors cannot be guaranteed.

2. Privacy Policy METOD understands the importance of the confidentiality of your personal data. In each transaction, we ensure the security of the data of all USERS, and ensure that your personal data is protected. 

METOD's recommendations: Keep your password! Do not share your password with anyone. A person who knows your password has access to your account; Avoid using the same password for different accounts; If you're using a public computer (such as a library or Internet cafe), always make sure you're signed out of your account before turning off your computer; Change your password often; Do not disclose personal information! METOD will not require you to disclose your account password for using the SITE or your credit card number by phone or email. METOD will not require you to disclose your bank account details or other personal information over the phone. Any such request by telephone or e-mail, respectively, must be ignored. If someone makes such a request to you, please contact METOD. Identify fake emails (forgery or fraud) METOD's authentic emails are those sent by e-mail from addresses ending in "" They are not authentic METOD e-mails that require personal information or those that you point to a site other than Some messages contain links to sites that direct you to another site, even though the URL contains the word "METOD". If you drag the mouse over the link many times, you can see that the URL is different from the URL used to identify and link to sites owned by METOD.

3. Protection of personal data

Any information provided about personal data or collected through the operations on the SITE will be processed by METOD - "SUPERLAB" EOOD, based in Bulgaria, Shumen, 4 Severna Str., Apartment 18 (hereinafter referred to as METOD).

METOD guarantees the security and confidentiality of the data provided and transmitted through our computer system.

The data and personal information provided by USERS / CLIENTS is used by METOD for order management, for delivery of products and services, for payment processing, for communication with USERS / CLIENTS regarding orders, products, services and promotional offers, recommendations of products and services.

METOD also uses this data and information to improve the online store and online trading platform in order to avoid or prevent fraud or abuse to the detriment of the SITE, as well as to enable third parties to perform technical support, logistics and other services for the SITE.

METOD retains any information posted on the SITE or otherwise sent by USERS / CLIENTS.

Most of the personal data is provided by you when you register your account in METOD, to search for products on the SITE, when you place orders or send messages, when you participate in contests or fill out a form on the SITE or when you communicate with METOD employees.

Personal data means any information used to identify a natural person or its equivalent; an identifiable person is a person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by an identification number or by one or more parameters of his physical identity - psychological, mental, economic, cultural or social.

The processing of personal data is any operation or set of operations carried out in relation to personal data by automatic or non-automatic means, such as collecting, recording, organizing, storing, adapting or modifying, downloading, consulting, using, disclosing third parties for transmission, distribution or other form, joining or combining, blocking, deleting or destroying.

The data you provide are: name, surname, PIN, address, e-mail address and telephone number, name of the recipient of the order (addresses and telephone numbers), and financial data.

A series of data is collected in an automatic module by METOD, such as the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect the computer to the Internet; login; email address; password; information about your computer and connection methods, such as the type of browser and version of the operating system; data that is sometimes combined with similar information collected from other customers in order to create features such as "Good Price"; URL (Uniform Resource Locator) full time (including date and time), number of cookies; visualized or searched products; as well as any telephone number used to contact our operators.

METOD may also use browser data, such as cookies, Flash cookies or other similar data collected through certain parts of the SITE to prevent fraud and other purposes.

When you visit the site and use our products, or visit a website where METOD publishes advertisements, content or analysis, METOD may place a cookie in your web browser. A cookie is a low amount of information stored on a computer in order to identify the browser when interacting with websites. Cookies can be used to store items such as identifiers or user preferences. A website may place a cookie to store it in the browser if the browser settings allow it. A browser may allow a particular website to access cookies, and deny such access to other websites.

METOD may use cookies for other purposes, including:

Access information when you log in to provide customized content to store the last preview page of a product or service METOD

Offers and relevant content according to your interests

Internal analysis provided by the client

Carrying out research in order to improve the content, products and services METOD.

Support for security measures, such as the requirement to re-enter a product or service METOD, after a certain period of time

Helping to identify some potential fraudulent activities

If you do not wish to receive advertisements from METOD, or you are no longer a subscriber when receiving offers for selected products from METOD, please visit the unsubscribe page.

METOD allows you to permanently unsubscribe. To use the permanent unsubscribe option, you must log in to METOD before unsubscribing.

You can configure the browser to access all cookies, to reject all cookies, or to notify you when a cookie is set. Browsers vary, so please refer to your browser's Help menu to learn how to change your cookie.

If you reject all cookie modules, you may not be able to use METOD's products or services that require login and you may not be able to take advantage of METOD's offers.

METOD collects personal data from other sources, for example, without limitation, the visited pages of certain third parties that manage co-branding operations, through advertisements or otherwise; data, search period, and search results collected from search engines, including paid content (e.g., sponsored Overture Links).

Data available on the SITE, such as: updated information on recent orders, personal identification information (including name, email address, password, communication preferences and advertising preferences, Adress Book), offers (including history of Recently Viewed products, experience of interaction with site before confirming an order, as well as preferences).

The information with the personal data of the USERS and the CLIENTS are an important component of the activity of METOD.

By registering on the SITE / placing an ORDER and filling in forms with personal data, the USERS / CLIENTS declare that they agree to include all their personal data in the database of METOD (SUPERLAB EOOD) and do not give their explicit and explicit consent. personal data may be stored and used by METOD and by METOD contract partners for:

Marketing activities by receiving information or commercial messages (offers, promotions, advertising and marketing messages of METOD, and third parties with whom METOD has relations of any kind) at the email addresses provided by USERS and CLIENTS,

Participation in competitions, promotions;

Sending non-commercial or administrative messages (changes to the site, administration, etc.);

Necessary internal statistics to improve the quality of services provided and the image of the SITE and to create new features, elements, promotions, operation and new services;

To provide access to restricted sections of the SITE

Market research;

Tracking sales data.

METOD may disclose this information to its distributors and agents, subject to confidentiality agreements, performance of certain activities by METOD, but without restrictions - for processing and execution of orders, delivery of orders, analysis of data and information, provision of marketing assistance, communication of offers by e-mail or SMS, sales research and analysis, credit card payments. These providers may have access to the personal data necessary to perform their duties.

METOD will disclose your account information and other personal data when expressly instructed by law or to protect its rights, property and security. This includes sharing information with other companies and organizations to prevent fraud. Of course, this does not include the sale, sharing or otherwise disclosure of personal data for commercial purposes other than those stated.

Based on an order sent to the email address, USERS / CLIENTS may have, free of charge, the following rights:

once a year, confirmation that personal data is processed or not

to interfere in the provision of data;

to oppose the processing of data for legitimate and valid reasons related to the specific situation.

Google Analytics

The site uses Google Analytics - a web-based service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies, which are stored on your computer. Cookies allow thematization and personalization of the content by preparing reports and analyzing your activity when visiting the site.

The information that the cookie generates about your activity on the site (including your IP address) is transferred and stored on a Google server in the USA. Google only makes the data available or outsources the processing to third parties if this is appropriate and to the extent that applicable law does not prohibit it.

Google does not associate your IP address with any other data it processes. The anonymity of your IP address on the site is achieved by coding within the Member States of the European Union and countries party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. Exceptionally, the full IP address may be transferred to a Google server in the United States and abbreviated there.

Social media

Your access to social networks such as Facebook, Google +, and others provides for separate registration and acceptance of the general conditions of these sites. METOD is not responsible for the protection of your privacy when accepting these general terms and conditions. Please read the general terms and conditions of these sites in detail.


The site uses Social Plugins, which are software components that add additional features to your Internet browser, subject to their terms and registration. We use the following attachments:


The site uses the Social Plugins of the social network Facebook, which is maintained by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. ("Facebook"). This plugin is recognizable by Facebook logos (white "f" on a blue background or "thumb up") or features a "Facebook Social Plugin". You can see the list and types of Facebook Social Plugins here:

When you visit a page on the site that contains a Facebook plugin, your internet browser connects directly to Facebook's servers and the content of the plugin will be transferred directly from Facebook to your internet browser, which will connect it to the website. By connecting to these Facebook plugins, Facebook receives information that our respective website or platform has been visited even if you are not registered or have not logged in to Facebook.

The information (including your IP address) is transferred and stored from your internet browser directly to a Facebook server in the USA. If you are logged in to Facebook, a visit to the site may immediately affect your Facebook profile. If you interact with these Plugins, e.g. click the "Like" button, or write a comment, this information will be immediately transferred from your internet browser to Facebook and will be saved there. The information will also be posted on your Facebook profile and visible to your Facebook friends.

Please read the terms and conditions for setting up the protection of your personal data and the purpose and scope of their processing at: If you do not want Facebook to reflect the visit to the site on your Facebook profile, you need to unsubscribe from Facebook before visiting the site.


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When you visit a page on the site that contains a Google + plugin, your web browser connects directly to Google's servers and the plugin's content will be transferred directly from Google to your web browser, which will link it to the web page. By connecting to these Google plug-ins, Google receives information that our respective website or platform has been visited even if you are not registered or signed in to Google+.

The information (including your IP address) is transferred and stored from your internet browser directly to a Google server in the USA. If you’re signed in to Google+, a visit to the site can immediately affect your Google+ account. If you interact with these Plugins, e.g. press the "+1" button this information will be immediately transferred from your internet browser to Google and will be saved there. The information will also be published on your Google account and visible to your Google+ contacts.

Please read the terms and conditions for setting up the protection of your personal data and the purpose and scope of their processing at: If you don't want Google to reflect your site visit on your Google+ account, you'll need to sign out of Google+ before visiting the site.

4. Intellectual property rights

The content of this SITE, the format, text, graphics, logo, buttons, icons, images, audio files, digital downloads, data compilations and software are the property of METOD, its representatives or its content providers and are protected by the laws of the Republic Bulgaria, as well as international copyright laws and databases.

All materials included in this SITE (content) are the property of METOD.

Without applying the above, METOD can provide the ability to download wallpapers, screensavers and other utilities from the site.

The access / use of this SITE does not give the USER / CLIENT rights to resell or commercially use this SITE or its content.

USERS / CLIENTS are not allowed to collect or use lists, descriptions and prices of products traded by METOD, to make a copy of this SITE or its content.

Any download or copying of account information for the benefit of another merchant, as well as the use of automatic devices or other means of acquisition for data retrieval is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of METOD.

Access / use of this website does not give the USER / CLIENT the right to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, visit or otherwise use for any commercial purpose this SITE and any part of it, without the express written consent of METOD .

USERS / CLIENTS are not allowed to use the logo, brand or other graphics / drawing on the SITE without the express written consent of METOD.

By submitting information or materials through this site, the USER / CLIENT agrees to grant SUPERLAB EOOD the right to use, reproduce, display, modify, transmit and distribute these materials or information. Also, the USER / CLIENT agrees that the company SUPERLAB Ltd. may freely use in his interest these ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques sent through the site . SUPERLAB EOOD will not be bound by obligations related to the confidentiality of the sent information, if the current legislation does not provide other specifications in this regard.

If you wish to verify your personal data, if you have any objections to their processing by METOD, if you wish METOD to change or delete your personal data before the expiry of the 3-year period, and if you wish to inform us on how to We process your personal data, you can exercise your rights by sending us a request to the following e-mail: