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Pellet burners

The pellet burners of the Pell series are equipped with many conveniences that guarantee long-term operation. Model BURNiT Pell, BURNiT Pell Eco and BURNiT Pell Bio with equipment with temperature sensors that monitor the temperature in the boiler, boiler and buffer. A photo sensor monitors the strength of the flame in the burner, and the model allows the control of the chamber fan. In addition, the product is available with a dry non-contact heater, which provides fuel ignition and cleans the combustion chamber system with compressed air. The supply pipe can be rotated 360 ° so that it is in a convenient position for connection to the auger of the hopper. The burners have and gradually regulate a pressure fan (0% to 100%). The curved supply pipe does not allow backfire from the burner to enter the pellet hopper, and the thermostatic protection and the fuse ensure maximum safety during operation. In the event of a power failure, all mood parameters are stored in the controller's memory. The BURNiT Pell model is also equipped with an internal auger. All pellet burners from the Pell series are available in different capacities. Enjoy peace of mind and fuel with quality and safe pellet burners.

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