Dear clients and partners, after the declaration of a state of emergency and an order of the Minister of Health №RD-01-124 / 13.03.2020, in connection with the introduction of anti-epidemic measures in the country, it became clear that the activities carried out by are not within the scope of the temporarily banned.

The METOD team will continue its work with exclusive responsibility to your and your employees' safety, in accordance with all prescriptions of our Ministry of Health and European standards.

In order to take care of general safety, we would like to inform you about the following changes in the work process:

Protected equipment provided at the sites

Employees will not be allowed in their workplaces in the presence of symptoms of deteriorating health. All employees at the sites are provided with protective equipment - masks, gloves, disinfectants, etc ..

Cleaning and disinfection of physical objects

The working hours of the retail outlets, service base, warehouse and installation activities are published in the contacts on our website, also the online orders will be processed normally according to the order of receipt.

Regular cleaning and disinfection Only one employee will be physically present and working in each office, all other employees will work remotely. Disinfection is carried out several times a day, and the disinfectants used are put into use with permits from the Ministry of Health. Floors, work desks, handles and all surfaces in contact with customers and employees are cleaned. The premises are ventilated every hour.

Clients with deteriorating health will not be admitted to the METOD sites. In order to ensure the necessary healthy distance between the employee and the client, a safe one is provided during the consultation, and 1 person will also be allowed to enter the retail outlets. It is recommended that payments be made by bank transfer or by debit or credit card, for security reasons.

Installation activities with high safety measures

The installations will be carried out with the maximum limitation of the contacts between the clients and the installation team. When installing, it is highly recommended that customers be in a different room from the one where the installation work is performed.

Receiving and sending orders

The goods can be received on the spot from our warehouse or sent by courier. For greater safety, we recommend sending your goods by courier to the country and your own transport to the city of Shumen. At this stage, all courier companies are working and your shipments will be sent according to current conditions.

Upon personal receipt from our warehouse, please keep in mind that the physical delivery of your goods will take place outside the warehouse and when receiving them you must observe the recommended distance of 2 m.

The safety and well-being of our employees and customers is our top priority and in view of the crisis situation, we want to minimize any risk to your health and that of our employees.

We wish health to all!