March 12, 2020

BURNiT pellet equipment is well known and preferred because of the guaranteed quality and years of experience invested in their development and construction. At the beginning of the winter season, BURNiT presents a completely renewed range of pellet fireplaces, in line with the latest trends and innovations in the field of heating.

The clients of METOD can choose the most suitable fireplace for them from the presented models in the four series: VISION, ADVANT, COMFORT and AMBIENT. What distinguishes BURNiT pellet stoves and makes them the most preferred:

The models are developed and manufactured in Bulgaria by the best specialists in the field of heating, under extremely strict quality control and with attention to every detail.

The intelligent control with WiFi module allows the heating in the home to be turned on and adjusted to the desired temperature from anywhere. The special BURNiT application provides full access to the pellet stove control via tablet or mobile phone.

Innovative DIY (Do It Yourself) system, implemented in the ADVANTiVISION series - the first pellet fireplaces on the Bulgarian market, which are serviced quickly and easily, completely without tools. The new technology allows the dismantling of the panels, the opening of the inspection openings and the cleaning to be performed extremely easily, within 5 minutes. This innovation, combined with the fact that pellets, as a fuel, require minimal effort for transport, storage and refueling, make the new BURNiT ADVANT and BURNiT VISION fireplaces extremely easy to operate and maintain.

The intelligent Multi system in the new BURNiT AMBIENT Multi fireplaces allows to heat not only the room in which the fireplace is installed, but also two additional rooms by air circulation. The three fans of the fireplace are controlled independently of each other and thus allow to set the desired temperature in each room.

The new series of pellet fireplaces BURNiT offer a variety of design lines that can be easily combined with other furniture in the room. Depending on the needs of your home or office, each customer can choose between 8kW and 25 kW of fireplace power, and the updated color range is in line with current trends in interior design.

By choosing a BURNiT pellet stove, our customers not only save money and provide warmth and comfort, but also help protect the environment.


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