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Completed Projects is a category in Bolg of Metod, in which we share with our clients information about our projects that we have already completed.

22 Oct Home air conditioning with inverter air conditioner
metodsh 0 108
Inverter air conditioner installed in a private home - ShumenHighly efficient inverter air conditioner Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-DM35VA / MUZ-DM35VA installed so that the freon and condensation pipes are not visible in the room. The power cable is stor..
22 Oct Air conditioning of a house with floor inverter air conditioner
metodsh 0 91
Air conditioning of a house with floor inverter air conditioner.Floor inverter air conditioners provide higher heating efficiency compared to wall-mounted air conditioners with equal other indicators.Highly efficient floor inverter air conditioner Co..
22 Oct Heating with pellet stove of a house Revival style
0 85
Heating of a house completed in Revival style - the village of Stan.The highly efficient pellet heating system was built after the renovation of the house was completed, so there is no possibility to lay the piping of the heating system in the floor ..
22 Oct
metodsh 0 137
What does "THINK GREEN" mean?- In our opinion, in Metod to "THINK GREEN" means"Let each generation leave our planet in better shape than before."We at Metod, can help anyone to "THINK GREEN" in 3 main areas:Direction 1Energy from inexhaustible and re..
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